Fraud is the problem.

Whistleblowers are the solution.

At The Anti-Fraud Coalition, we educate and empower the next generation of whistleblowers to fight fraud.

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How We Help

We empower future whistleblowers

Whistleblowers who expose fraud on the government and the financial markets face a uniquely challenging path. Our mission is to empower these brave individuals.


We give a platform to whistleblowers to tell their stories, and educate the next generation of fraud fighters.

The Solution

Hear from the whistleblowers.

These whistleblowers shut down multi-million dollar frauds, protected patients, and faced down retaliation from their employers to stop fraud.


Fraud in America

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Men stand facing a wall, their shadows cast on it. One man's shadow is shaped like a whistle to represent his status as a whistleblower.
industrial port with containers
two semi trucks wait at a border crossing.