Welcome to Fraud By the Numbers

Fraud in America is proud to introduce Fraud By The Numbers, a new project that sets forth and explains important numbers, statistics, and provides visualizations relevant to the False Claims Act, whistleblower statutes, and the fight against fraud in America. Each day in September, there will be a new blog post at noon with facts about fraud whistleblowing in America.

This project aims to supplement and enhance the Department of Justice’s annual summary of False Claims Act facts, and counteract the spin against whistleblowers. We believe in many cases all that is needed is the data, plain and simple.

We created the Fraud in America podcast and blog in part to build a repository of information that will be a resource for those who are prosecuting fraud and celebrating those who want to stop it. Fraud By The Numbers is the foundation of this repository: a series of straightforward posts containing true and accurate information about fraud whistleblowing in America.

Although Fraud By The Numbers as a project is intended to push back on misinformation about whistleblowing, the posts themselves are not polemics or editorial in nature. They are in fact, “just the numbers.” We hope that they will be helpful to whistleblower lawyers and lawyers for the government, but they are intended to be read and shared by non-lawyers, potential whistleblowers, and other people interested in the fight against fraud.

Fraud By the Numbers was a massive undertaking, and we’d like to thank the following contributors for making the project a success:

  • TAFEF Public Education Committee Chairwoman Kate Scanlan (Keller Grover LLP) for her visionary leadership and coordination of Fraud By the Numbers.
  • In addition, we’d like to thank TJ Budetti, Paralegal at Phillips & Cohen LLP, TAFEF Intern John McCabe, and Phillips & Cohen LLP Intern Talia Mermin for their work in researching and writing many of these posts.