RELEASE: Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund Changes Its Name to The Anti-Fraud Coalition (TAF Coalition)

New Name Better Reflects Long-Standing Mission to Protect Government Programs and Financial Markets from Fraud

WASHINGTON, DC — The 501(c)(3) public interest organization Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund has officially changed its name to The Anti-Fraud Coalition, or “TAF Coalition” for short. Its sister 501(c)(4) lobbying organization Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) will continue under its existing name, given its well-established name recognition on Capitol Hill.

TAF was originally founded in 1986 to help safeguard the federal False Claims Act (FCA) in the halls of Congress. The FCA is a Civil War-era statute – known as the “Lincoln Law” — that was strengthened in 1986 to combat fraud on the government and empower whistleblowers through its “qui tam” provisions. TAF Education Fund was launched with a complementary educational mission after the United States Supreme Court held that the FCA qui tam whistleblower provisions were constitutional.

TAF Education Fund’s initial mission was to educate the courts, the general public, and the legal community about the proper interpretation and application of the federal FCA. The organization grew quickly from 40 qui tam attorneys into a respected fraud-fighting community of over 400 members and supporters, including whistleblowers, qui tam attorneys, and financial fraud whistleblower attorneys.

“We have outgrown our name,” explained Board Chairwoman Erika Kelton. “It was a suitable name when we were a small, DC-based organization focused solely on the federal False Claims Act. However, our ranks have grown exponentially and internationally, and our fraud-fighting efforts now reach not only fraud on the federal government but also fraud on state governments, tax and securities frauds, money laundering, sanctions violations, and many other types of fraudulent conduct.”

Please click here to access a short video that further explains the name change and the continuing impact of The Anti-Fraud Coalition and Taxpayers Against Fraud. Additional information about the organizations can be found at

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