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The TAF Education Fund has filed an amicus curiae brief in the case of  Kellogg Brown & Root Servs., Inc. v. U.S. ex rel. Carter. The brief supports the Respondent, relator Benjamin Carter, and argues for affirmance of the Fourth Circuit’s ruling that qui tam actions are only barred under the first-to-file rule while a prior, related qui tam suit is still pending.

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SEC whistleblower awards for Fiscal Year 2014 top $35 million, continuing a trend in increased antifraud law enforcement since the program’s inception in 2011.  Nine whistleblowers received awards, an increase from four awards in FY2013, which totaled approximately $15 million. The office awarded more than $30 million to one whistleblower, its largest-ever whistleblower award, and for the first time, the office used its authority under the Dodd-Frank Act to bring enforcement action against a company for retaliation against a whistleblower.

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What can we learn about human fraud from observing animal fakery?

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Trinity Industries guardrail case is set to be the largest recovery in an unjoined False Claims Act case to date.

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Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund (TAFEF) says False Claims Act recoveries for Fiscal Year 2014 top $5 billion, continuing a trend in increased antifraud law enforcement going back for more than six years.

“More people know about the False Claims Act than ever before,” noted Patrick Burns, Co-Executive Director of TAFEF. “And as a consequence we are continually finding new fraud arenas.”

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Patrick Burns, Co-Executive Director of Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, joined TAFEF members Steve Sheller (Sheller P.C.) and Joseph Trautwein (Trautwein & Associates) on The American Law Journal to discuss "An American Hustle: Big Corporations Behaving Badly".  Video is embedded.

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Mary Jo White, chair of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, was speaking to an Ontario Securities commission conference when she was asked about the SEC's whistleblower program.

Her answer was unambiguous: the program had been “enormously successful” and “has yielded very significant information on very serious securities fraud.”

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| Nicholas Feeney

“It was never about the money,” said David McIntosh, former M.K. Battery sales representative turned whistleblower, “It was about doing the right thing and protecting the people who protect us.” 

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Ranbaxy has reserved $40 million to settle a Texas False Claims Act case alleging Medicaid best price violations. A bigger national case may be coming. Ranbaxy was nailed for $500 million under the FCA in 2013, and pled guilty to numerous felony charges.


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