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| David Griscom

Corporate culture that gives rise to one fraud is likely to give rise to another.  Such is the case with RPM International, and its Tremco subsidiary, which settled a best-price False Claims Act case in 2013 for $61 million dollars. 

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| David Griscom

This year’s Whistleblower of the Year Award went to a man of great empathy and integrity. David Kester blew the whistle on Novartis and two specialty pharmacies because he wanted doctors and pharmacy clinicians to put the needs of patients ahead of their own desire for profit and personal advance.  The sick and the infirm deserved better, and David Kester aimed to make sure they got it.

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| Patrick Burns

Joyce Branda was given the TAF Education Fund's Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of her 30-years of leadership in helping recover more than $50 billion back to the federal government through the use of the federal False Claims Act. Ms. Branda has been a model public servant working to reconcile diverse, competing, and sometimes conflicting, voices and interests. Through it all, she has been a steward of America’s tax dollars and of the False Claims Act itself. The TAF Education Fund's Lifetime Achievement Award has only been given out six times in the past, and Ms. Branda is the first government recipient.

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| David Griscom

The TAF Education Fund has filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v. United States el rel. Cori Rigsby, et al.

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| David Griscom

This year, TAF’s Public-Private Partnership Award went to two candidates who exemplify the concept of partnership, Amy Easton and Jeffrey Dickstein.

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| David Griscom

The TAF Education Fund has filed an amicus brief in the Aseracare case (aka USA ex rel. Paradies, et al., v GGNSC Administrative Services, et al.). This brief was written by Amy Easton, Colette Matzzie, and Claire Sylvia of Phillips & Cohen, along with TAFEF Attorney Jacklyn DeMar, and it challenges some of the odd rulings made in this case by the district court trial judge.

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| David Griscom

Marlan Wilbanks, the TAF Education Fund’s 2014 Lawyer of the Year, has used the False Claims Act to fight for integrity in government contracting, and he is now using his success in that arena to help sexual abuse survivors in his home state of Georgia.  

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| David Griscom

How despised is the pharmaceutical industry?

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| David Griscom

10,540 whistleblower cases were submitted to the SEC between 2011 and 2015.

Enforcement actions from whistleblower tips have resulted in more than $500 million in financial remedies, and over $100 million paid to whistleblowers.

The Top 10 SEC Whistleblower rewards show real movement forward in 2016.

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| David Griscom

The Marinello Schools of Beauty, with 4,300 students in California, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, and Connecticut, was a predator company leveraging millions of tax dollars into private pockets.

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