TAFEF Agreement & Rules

TAF Member Agreement

  • I do not do False Claims Act defense work. I do not – and will not – represent FCA defendants or otherwise engage in anti-whistleblower representation, which includes representing plaintiffs or defendants in claims against purported whistleblowers in connection with alleged whistleblower activity.

List-serv Posting Information 

  • In order to send an email out on TAFNET please use: tafnet@home.ease.lsoft.com

  • You do not receive a copy of your own email 

  • You can only send out messages from the email address that TAFEF has on file


The Rules of the TAFNET Listserv 

The TAFNET listserv is a community-building and information sharing tool that is designed to encourage a collegial and focused discussion of False Claims Act matters between TAFEF members. 


The guiding principal of the listserv is that our common goals can only be accomplished by putting our common welfare first. 


TAFNET is a closed list, which is to say that it is restricted to dues-paying members which have certified that they do not do False Claims Act defense work. TAFNET has operated well for more than a decade, but from time to time we like to remind folks of the general rules of the listserv:

  1. Do not use TAFNET for political comment

  2. Do not use TAFNET for personal invective

  3. Use discretion in forwarding TAFNET messages to those not on TAFNET 

  4. Remember the distinction between "Reply"  and "Reply to All." 

  5. Keep the tone of messages professional

  6. Do not send privileged or sealed information over TAFNET 

  7. Do Not use TAFNET for non-FCA topics

  8. Contact TAFEF before sending out a post that might violate the spirit or the letter of these rules

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