State False Claims Act

In addition to the Federal False Claims Act, many states also have False Claims Acts that work to discourage frauds perpetrated against state governments.

If your state is without a False Claims Act, or is looking to strengthen an existing state False Claims Act, our web page on State False Claims Act Resources might be of interest. In addition, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, have their own versions of the False Claim Act with qui tam provisions, enabling them to recover money at the municipal or county level.

Note that not all state False Claims Acts cover all types of frauds.  Some state False Claims Acts only cover Medicaid fraud, which leaves those states vulnerable when banks commit pension, construction, tax, utility, energy, and escheatment fraud.

In the list below, states that have “Medicaid only” False Claims Acts are designated with an asterisk *.   States that have a False Claims Acts deemed by HHS to be at least as strong as the federal Act when it comes to recovering Medicaid money, are designated with a diamond ♦.  These states are eligible for a 20 to 35 percent increase in their share of any and all Medicaid recoveries made under the federal False Claims Act.

States With False Claims Acts: