Whistleblower-initiated Case Stops a National Hospice and SNF Fraud

Genesis Healthcare  has agreed to pay the Federal Government $53.6 million to settle four whistleblower-initiated False Claims Act cases charging the company’s subsidiaries, with providing medically unnecessary rehabilitationtherapy and hospice services.

The cases involve: Skilled Healthcare Group Inc. Skilled Healthcare LLC, Skilled LLC, Creekside Hospice,Hallmark Rehabilitation Group,  Sun Healthcare Group Inc., SunDance Rehabilitation Agency Inc.,  the SunDance Rehabilitation Corp.

The settlement  was based on the company’s ability to pay, and resolves allegations originally brought in qui tam lawsuits by Joanne Cretney-Tsosie, Jennifer Deaton, Kimberley Green, Camaren Hampton, Teresa McAree, Terri West, and Brian Wilson, all former employees of companies acquired by Genesis.

The whistleblowers will receive a combined $9.67 million as their share of the recovery in this case.

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