NFL Player Charged in COVID-Relief Fraud Scheme

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COVID-19 Related Fraud

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dept. of Justice: NFL Player Charged for Role in $24 Million COVID-Relief Fraud Scheme Joshua J. Bellamy has been charged for his alleged participation in a scheme to file fraudulent loan applications seeking more than $24 million in forgivable Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. It was alleged that he conspired with others to obtain millions of dollars in fraudulent PPP loans, and he has been charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.

Houston Chronicle: Texas woman charged with $2 million fraud in COVID relief loan A Houston woman allegedly made at least two fraudulent applications for forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program and was charged with making false statements to a financial institution, wire fraud, bank fraud and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.

ABC 4: Park City man federally charged with attempting to sell a billion N95 masks A Utah man was charged in federal court after allegedly claiming that he had access to millions of N95 masks by 3M and allegedly made fraudulent representations trying to sell them.

Case Settlements & Opinions


Dept. of Justice: The Scripps Research Institute to Pay $10 Million To Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Mischarging NIH-Sponsored Research Grants The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has agreed to pay the U.S. $10 million to settle claims that it improperly charged NIH-funded research grants for time spent by researchers on non-grant related activities such as developing, preparing, and writing new grant applications, teaching, and engaging in other administrative activities.

Government Accountability Project: How Pennsylvania Can Win the Battle Against COVID-19 Fraud The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Act (CFPA) is sitting before the Pennsylvania Senate and is meant to protect COVID-19 stimulus funds, as well as other state programs, from fraud. This legislation was, in part, inspired by the federal False Claims Act. However, unlike the FCA, the legislation does not give whistleblowers a private right of action.

Dept. of Justice: Quantadyn Corporation and Owner Settle False Claims Act Allegations of Bribery to Obtain Government Contracts for Simulators QuantaDyn Corporation (QuantaDyn) has agreed to pay $37,757,713.91 to resolve the company’s civil False Claims Act liability for allegations that it engaged in a bribery scheme to steer government contracts for training simulators to the company. Additionally, William T. Dunn Jr., the majority owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of QuantaDyn, has separately paid $500,000 to resolve his personal False Claims Act liability.

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