It’s Time for a Corporate Crime Database and Annual Report

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has spearheaded a group of organizations pushing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to create an annual corporate crime report and database similar to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program that has documented the rise and fall of street crime over the course of the last 80 years.

Taxpayers Against Fraud sent its own letter to Attorney General Sessions supporting the idea and noting that:

In order to gauge the amount of money lost through corporate fraud and the progress being made in combating this serious problem, we believe it is important for DOJ to create a central cross-agency online repository of fraud data so that the scope of damages to U.S. taxpayers can be ascertained. In addition, we believe such a database would illuminate the level of resources being brought to bear to stop fraud and would help educate government officials and the public about the financial, criminal, and administrative penalties levied in response to financial crimes and fraud schemes perpetrated against America’s taxpayers.

We conclude:

This not a new idea, but we think it is a good one for the Trump Administration to embrace. … Fighting fraud on behalf of taxpayers is a project that has broad bipartisan and popular support, and we believe it should continue to be an important priority for DOJ and all federal agencies.

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