A Chamber of Commerce That Gets It

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce in Canada gets it: the False Claims Act is good for business.

Like the United States government, the government of Canada is spending massive sums on healthcare, defense, education, and transportation infrastructure.

But, as Calgary Chamber of Commerce Policy Director, Justin Smith notes: “Hidden among honest providers of these goods and services are individuals and organizations that defraud the government for private gain.”

How can the government of Canada hope to ferret out fraudsters and hold them accountable?

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce looked about and found the answer:  A Canadian False Claims Act, modeled after the  U.S. law which has worked well for 30 years.

The policy proposal from the Calgary Chamber of Congress is entitled Incentivizing Integrity: Adoption of A Canadian False Claims Act, and it has a familiar ring to it.

[F]raud schemes are complex, and the government concludes thousands of contracts each year to purchase goods and services. It does not always have the information it needs to detect collusion and corruption in the allocation and management of these contracts. Moreover, the state does not always have the resources to act on the information it receives, given the volume of cases and the complexity of the schemes. By providing an incentive for whistleblowers to come forward, as well as a pathway for relators to pursue cases unilaterally, the False Claims Act helps to solve both of these problems in an effective and efficient way, and can bolster the enforcement capacity of the federal government without necessarily expanding the federal workforce or devoting additional financial resources for that purpose.

By incentivizing whistleblowers to report fraud, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce believes Canada can protect taxpayer money from liars, cheats, and thieves while recovering billions of stolen dollars.  When that happens,  Canadian taxpayers will benefit from lower taxes and better services, Canadian government will benefit from increased support for public spending, and Canadian businesses will benefit from honest competition on a level playing field where honest companies can compete head to head based on the price and quality of goods and services.

What’s not to love about that?

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