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Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund (TAFEF) is dedicated to promoting and preserving the federal False Claims Act and its state counterparts, as well as other laws and regulations – including the IRS, SEC, and CFTC whistleblower programs – that authorize whistleblowers to assist government agencies in fighting fraud and recovering stolen taxpayer dollars. TAFEF is also a membership organization for attorneys who agree to work in furtherance of its mission. TAFEF membership is restricted to attorneys who do not – and will not – represent FCA defendants or otherwise engage in anti-whistleblower representation, which includes representing plaintiffs or defendants in claims against purported whistleblowers in connection with alleged whistleblower activity. Should an applicant or TAFEF member wish to engage in any such representation, TAFEF requires that the individual first contact the organization regarding the status of his/her membership. TAFEF reserves the right to deny any application, or to temporarily suspend or permanently revoke any membership.

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