The stakes couldn’t be higher. In this time of crisis, with Congress funding over $2.5 trillion for COVID-19 relief, and billions more being spent on coronavirus-related healthcare, the opportunity for fraud and abuse is huge.


Whistleblowers are among the most effective tools America has to ensure that taxpayer funds are not lost to fraudulent business practices.


Incentivized and protected by the False Claims Act, whistleblowers on the front lines of COVID-19 accountability are the best defense we have to ensure our tax dollars are going to the people, and the businesses that depend on them. Now more than ever America needs its whistleblowers to step forward to protect public funds and help our country get back on track.


Taxpayers Against Fraud is with you in this fight.

Do You Think You Have a Whistleblower Case?

If you think you have a whistleblower case, check out our Whistleblower 101 page. There is also a page on Whistleblower Laws and a Membership Directory where you can find lawyers ‚Äč

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