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A new report by the Government Accountability Office finds widespread problems with the IRS Whistleblower Program. Despite collecting an additional $2 billion in revenue since 2011, the IRS whistleblower program is marked by procedural delays, whistleblower payment issues, and communication failures to stakeholders. 

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The law firm of Kenney & McCafferty announced Monday that three IRS whistleblower clients represented by the firm received awards under the IRS Whistleblower Program that returned over $48 million to the U.S. Treasury.     

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On August 31, 2015, Corporate Crime Reporter announced that an IRS whistleblower received an award totaling $11.6 million for information that led to tens of millions of dollars in recoveries. 

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 "I’ll continue to look for progress and even more evidence that the IRS is offering a welcome mat to whistleblowers.”

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There has been quite a bit of news in recent years about US companies “inverting” – companies reincorporating or merging their company abroad to dodge U.S. taxes – and most of that news has centered around the tax avoidance strategy known as Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich. This scheme has allowed some of the most profitable companies in the United States to relocate their corporate headquarters overseas and as a result, avoid billions in taxes. 

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In a bi-partisan opinion editorial in POLITICO Magazine, former and current Senate Finance Committee Chairmen Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) take a punch at the dysfunctional mess that has been the IRS whistleblower program

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Some 22 months after a whistleblower filed a case (Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information) with the IRS Whistleblower Office, he/she received a letter saying he/she was "not eligible for an award.”  

The whistleblower appealed the decision to tax court in a timely manner.  Over six months later, after the whistleblower had appealed to Tax Court, he/she received a letter saying the IRS Whistleblower Office had "made a mistake" and that no reviewable determination had been made. 


The IRS is in a billion-dollar transfer tax battle with Medtronic, a company that has been repeatedly nailed under the False Claims Act for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

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