Who Stands for Whistleblowers? 
The Penny Pledge Program

Since its foundation in the mid-eighties
, Taxpayers Against Fraud, and its later-formed sister organization, TAF Education Fund (herein jointly referred to as TAF) have acted as the shield and spear for whistleblowers and their attorneys in Washington. TAF has not only promoted and defended the False Claims Act, and the interests of whistleblowers and their counsel, we have also worked to strengthen existing law and expand whistleblower legislation to the states, the IRS, the SEC and the CFTC. 

The growing strength of incentivized whistleblower programs has not been a miracle – it is the direct outcome of investments of time, energy, money and legal brilliance that have come from the False Claims Act bar and a handful of forward-thinking philanthropist whistleblowers who have made the work of TAF possible. 

Now we need to build the next great era of American fraud fighting by growing and organizing the IRS, SEC, and CFTC whistleblower programs.

Towards that end, we are asking attorneys and whistleblowers alike to step up and pledge to become a sustaining philanthropic member of Taxpayers Against Fraud by joining our “Penny Pledge” program. 

Simply put, we are asking attorneys and whistleblower to “pay it forward” by pledging a penny for every dollar collected, or else to pledge a specific, significant and sustained financial contribution to help strengthen and protect whistleblower programs into the future.

A description of how the Penny Pledge works, and the pledge itself, can be found here

TAF has stood for whistleblowers and their lawyers for more than 25 years.  Please consider “paying it forward” now by making the Penny Pledge at this critical time