Who We Are

The Taxpayers Against Fraud Educational Fund is a nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to combating fraud against the government and protecting public resources through public-private partnerships.

TAFEF is supported by successful whistleblowers and their counsel, as well as by membership dues and foundation grants.  TAFEF is the 501(c)(3) arm of Taxpayers Against Fraud, which was founded in 1986.

Our Mission

TAFEF pursues its mission by working to maintain the integrity and advance the effectiveness of whistleblower reward and private enforcement provisions in federal and state laws, including the federal and state False Claims Acts and the federal tax, securities, and commodity futures trading laws. Specifically, TAFEF works to:

  • Inform and educate the general public, the legal community, government officials, the media, and other interested groups about incentivized whistleblower programs such as the False Claims Act as well as the SEC, IRS and CFTC whistleblower programs;
  • Explain the process, history and context of meritorious whistleblower lawsuits filed under the FCA, SEC, IRS, and CFTC whistleblower programs;
  • Advance public and government support for whistleblower cases;
  • Document the public policy value and the intellectual and legal foundation of incentivized whistleblower programs, and especially their qui tam provisions.

Our Staff

Patrick Burns, Co-Director
202-296-4826 ext. 1100
Cleveland Lawrence III, Co-Director
202-296-4826 ext. 1200
Takeia Garner, Director of Membership Service
202-296-4826 ext. 1400
Nicholas Feeney, Development and Communications Associate
202-296-4826 ext. 1500
Jacklyn DeMar, Staff Attorney
202-296-4826 ext. 1300

Our Board

Neil Getnick, Chairman
John Clark
Cheryl Eckard
T. Mark Jones
Erika Kelton
Peggy Richardson
Shelley Slade
Linda Sundro
Jeb White

President's Council

Kenneth Nolan, Chairman
Jim Breen
Steve Cohen
Neil Getnick
Glenn Grossenbacher
James Helmer
Scott Powell

Whistleblower Board of Advisors

       Dinesh Thakur      

       Cheryl Meads

       Chris Riedel

       David Barbetta

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