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| Nicholas Feeney

If India is serious about rooting out fraud it needs to provide strong protection to whistleblowers and incentivise them for risks. In its current form, the proposed Indian law places the onus on the whistleblower not only to report the fraud, but also to prove their integrity. The government should welcome whistleblowers, be their advocate, and use their unique status as insiders to guarantee the integrity of our social programmes.

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| Nicholas Feeney

Prepare Before You Talk to an Experienced Whistleblower Lawyer

Few things are more important than the selection of competent legal counsel to represent you in your qui tam case.

Because there are a finite number of top firms, it is very important for you to “pitch” your False Claims Act case as simply as possible.  False Claims Act lawyers are very busy and they are looking for clients who know their story, have real evidence in hand, and have “done their homework.”

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| Nicholas Feeney

On his first day as acting Associate Attorney General, Stuart Delery spoke at the TAF Education Fund’s annual conference, and voiced his strong support for the False Claims Act and incentivized integrity programs.

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| Nicholas Feeney

At the TAF Education Fund's annual conference, Neil Getnick, Chairman of the Board, noted that compliance programs cannot fix deeply broken and corrupt corporate cultures:

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