The editor of Corporate Crime Reporter called us up.  

What did we think of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General?  Our reply:

| Patrick Burns, Jeff Sessions, corporate crime reporter

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” of corporate cronyism.

How do you do that?

Patrick Burns of the TAF Education Fund has a suggestion. 

From a May 21, 2009 interview with Corporate Crime Reporter:

Trying to Drain a Swamp With a Garden Hose

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In the False Claims Act arena, there are three types of lawyers:  Government lawyers, corporate defense lawyers, and lawyers for whistleblowers.

Win, lose, or draw, the first two sets of lawyers are going to get paid. 

A whistleblower lawyer, however, only gets paid if and when they win, and that only happens years after a case has been filed, and after scores of thousands – if not millions -- of dollars have been invested developing a case for settlement or trial.

FCA | corporate crime reporter, Bryan Vroon

“For almost 30 years this publication has been the sharp edge of the spear when it comes to corporate crime reporting. No one else covers fraud and other corporate crimes with the depth and context that CCR brings to the table.

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Thirty years ago corporate crime expert John Braithwaite thought the pharmaceutical industry was on the verge of cleaning itself up.  Now he says he could not have been more wrong, and the only saving grace has been the False Clams Act.

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