If India is serious about rooting out fraud it needs to provide strong protection to whistleblowers and incentivise them for risks. In its current form, the proposed Indian law places the onus on the whistleblower not only to report the fraud, but also to prove their integrity. The government should welcome whistleblowers, be their advocate, and use their unique status as insiders to guarantee the integrity of our social programmes.

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This Week in Fraud is a peek into the world of whistleblowing and incentivized integrity programs. Each week we highlight important case settlements, industry developments, and general points of interest. Take a moment and see what is happening this week in fraud. 

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It’s the same old story. A foreign drug safety regulator identifies serious data integrity issues provided by an Indian company. Yet, instead of investigating the accusations in a transparent manner, the Centre predictably cries foul.

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We are pleased to announce that James “Jim” Holzrichter,  the TAF Education’s Fund’s 2007 Whistleblower of the Year is also the 2015 recipient of the Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award to be awarded at the 26th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference, for his courageous work exposing decades of billing fraud at Northrop Grumman’s Defense System Division.

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Ranbaxy has reserved $40 million to settle a Texas False Claims Act case alleging Medicaid best price violations. A bigger national case may be coming. Ranbaxy was nailed for $500 million under the FCA in 2013, and pled guilty to numerous felony charges.


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Dinesh Thakur wins the Joe A. Calloway Award for Civic Courage from the Shafeek Nader Trust.

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