Prepare Before You Talk to an Experienced Whistleblower Lawyer

Prepare Before You Talk to an Experienced Whistleblower Lawyer 

Few things are more important than the selection of competent legal counsel to represent you in your qui tam case.

Because there are a finite number of top firms, it is very important for you to “pitch” your False Claims Act case as simply as possible.  False Claims Act lawyers are very busy and they are looking for clients who know their story, have real evidence in hand, and have “done their homework.”

What is the best way to start?  One suggestion is to start with two pieces of regular blank typing paper. 

On the first page tell your story. Start with your name and job title in the company, and explain how you came to know about the fraud.  Do this carefully, omit the name of the company and any company-identifying information. In one page, tell a simple story, without jargon, that gives the "who, what, where, when, and how" of the fraud.  Detail what federal or state agency was defrauded, the basics of how the fraud works, and the size of the fraud.

On the second page, snap a line across the middle of the page. Above this line detail the evidence you have in hand to support the story on the first page: emails, spread sheets, contracts, billing records, training materials, PowerPoint presentations, copies of canceled checks, voice mails, audio or video tape.  

Below this line, list the titles of people, inside the company and outside the company, who should be contacted and questioned if an investigation is initiated.  

Now you have a simple organized story, an inventory of evidence in hand, and a list of potential interviewees for government investigators to talk to should they decide to further explore this case.

At this point you are ready to talk to a lawyer!