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April 2017:

Top Cases | Winner's Corner, 2017, FCA

The Los Angeles Times recently explored the high cost of fast tracking drugs at the Food and Drug Administration.

Top Cases | Genentech, Brian Shields, FDA, Thalidomide

MedStar Ambulance Inc. will pay $12.7 million to settle a non-intervened upcoding case in Massachusetts.  This case was initially declined by the government, but because of the tenacity and hard work of attorney Jeffrey Newman, and the courage of relator Dale Meehan, it moved forward  and, in the end, they were awarded a 28% relator share for their extraordinary efforts.

Top Cases | Medstar, Non-intervened, Newman, Ambulance

BTG will pay $36 million to settle claims the British medical device manufacturer conducted an illegal marketing campaign. BTG will pay $25 million in civil claims, and an additional $11 million in criminal penalties. 

Top Cases | BTG, Newman, Waters & Krauss

Sometimes you see amazing things.

For example, how about a case resolving in less than 6 month, with a 20% relator share?

Top Cases | Arizona, FCA, Yavapai Regional Medical Center

In the attached opinion, U.S. District Judge Kevin H. Sharp denies a motion to dismiss three FCA cases filed against SavaSeniorCare, the nation's fifth-largest skilled nursing facility, which has more than 24,000 beds in 200 skilled-nursing facilities in 23 states.  The case alleges SAVA routinely billed for therapy services that were either medically unnecessary or which were unreasonable in scope.

Top Cases | Sava, FCA, Billing

Brian Kenney and the law firm of Kenney & McCafferty have an amazing track record of success in the False Claims Act, IRS, and SEC whistleblower arenas.
Top Cases | Law Firm of the Year, TAF Conference, Kenney & McCafferty

The TAF Education Fund has filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v. United States el rel. Cori Rigsby, et al.

Top Cases | State Farm, amicus

This year, TAF’s Public-Private Partnership Award went to two candidates who exemplify the concept of partnership, Amy Easton and Jeffrey Dickstein.

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