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January 28, 2012
n Cooper Health System to Pay $12.6 Million
n New Sheriffs at the SEC?
n CVS Medicare Part D Case Advances
n And Justice for All?
n Taking Fraud Seriously?

January 16, 2012
n Amgen to Pay $762 Million
n Sanofi to Pay $109 Million
n Pfizer and Endo to Pay Texas $36 Million
n Healthpoint to Pay $48 Million
n Pfizer to Pay $98 Million
n Toyo Ink to Pay $45 Million
n Lance Armstrong Faces the False Claims Act
n Victory Pharma to Pay $11.4 Million
n Scooter Store:  Catch Me If You Can
n Princeton Review to Pay $10 Million
n SEEDCO Fraud
n Gallup Fraud
n Orthofix Fraud

December 7, 2012
n DoJ Hides Its Light Under a Barrel
n Healthpoint Pays Up to $48 Million
n TAF-EF Files Amicus
n DaVita Faces Massive Fraud Case

November 20, 2012
n Five More Banks to Settle Case Alleging Mortgage Fraud Against Veterans
n Pfizer's Wyeth Unit to Pay $55 million
n Slaughterhouse Settles FCA Case
n DoJ Dismisses and Joins Cases Against KBR
Massive Fraud in Skilled Nursing Facilities

November 6, 2012
n Blackstone Medical to Pay $30 Million
n Pfizer Takes $491 Million Rapamune Charge
n 6th Cir finds FERA Retroactivity Applies
Feds Join FCA Case Against Triple Canopy

October 31, 2012
n Boehringer Ingelheim Pays $95 Million for Off-label Marketing
n Novartis to Pay $19.9 Million for
Off-label Marketing
n IRS Makes Second Award
n A Whistleblower Story on CNN Radio

October 22, 2012
n Over $9 Billion Associated with FCA Cases Returned in FY 2012
n DoJ Files FCA HUD Case Against Wells Fargo
n The Cloning of Medical Bills
n Was a $3 Billion Fine Enough?
n Former IRS Agent Faces 20 Years for Outing Whistleblower
n CVS Pays $5 Million


September 23, 2012
n First Major IRS Whistleblower Award: $104 Million
n Johnson & Johnson Pay $181 Million to Settle Consumer Claims for Risperdal
n How Much Health Care Fraud?
n NY Attorney General Nails School Lunch Fraudster
n SEC Investigates "Jumping the Que"
n NYC Hospital To Pay $13.4 Million
n SEC Issues First Whistleblower Award
n HCA to Pay $16.5 Million for Stark Violations
n Feds Move on Heart Devices
n Is There a CBOE Whistleblower Case?
n Other FCA and Fraud Headlines


August 10, 2012
n Johnson & Johnson Set to Pay $2.2 Billion

n McKesson to Pay $151 Million

n The Big Wink:  Record Fines, But No Jail Time

n Heart Fraud Cases on the Horizon?

n SEC Begin Investigation of Sprint

n Union Fund Settles FCA Case for $5 million

n Mayo Clinic to Pay $1.26 Million

n State Street in Settlement Talks

n Court Greenlights Ban of Former Pharma Execs

n John Phillips on How to Save $500 Billion

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